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Air rage - Ed Raymond - 2000

Basculo Cui Cui

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putain ca fait 2345253 ans qu'il traine au video club, je l'ai toujours pas chopé ! HONTE SUR MOI !!!



Atlantic Airways Flight 777 carries a full passenger load from Washington to Los Angeles. But Colonel John Sykes, a dishonored Marine, has boarded the aircraft with revenge on his mind.


He's supported by an elite force of rogue Marines who take over Flight 777 moments after takeoff, and threaten to blow the aircraft out of the sky. As tensions mount and the U.S. Army steps in, Captain Matthew Marshall (Ice-T) and his assault force attempt a daring rescue mission. But the counter attack is thwarted and on the ground, the Military has been given orders to blow the plane out of the sky if it can't be secured within a certain time frame.


Now, it's up to Marshall to apprehend the hijackers and retake the plane -- and he only has minutes to do it.

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