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Up in Harlem - Paul E. Eliacin - 2003

Basculo Cui Cui

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il me tarde de visionner ce nouvel maitre-étalon du film policier !



In a Harlem family, struggling to survive in the ghetto, Fay Mulberry (Milira) is an ambitious teen who is determined to escape the heartbreaking cycle of drugs and violence that has become a tired cliché on the streets she calls home. Her hopes of escape depend upon the promise of a college scholarship, but Fay finds her narrow window of opportunity closing fast. A brief romance with a smooth talking drug dealer (Robert Laney) causes Fay to lose sight of her goal and forces her into a compromising decision she's not ready to face. Before she knows it, Fay's dreams are shattered, and when opposing forces meet, it is a regrettable day for all involved. Special appearances include Eric Williams, Vaughn Harper, Crazy Sam, Caribbean rap sensation Mad Lion, and rap legend Ice-T.

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