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Frisky Dingo

Basculo Cui Cui

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c'est quoi ce truc ????


c'est adult swim (robot chicken) donc ca doit etre plus que bien !!!



Greetings America. Meet Killface.


Prepare yourself for one of the most complicated superhero-villain dichotomies ever. Meet Killface, the world's most evil villain whose mission of destroying mankind is derailed by the boring details of media buys, personnel staffing and marketing. And then there's Awesome X, the alter ego of billionaire Xander Crews, who is more concerned with the sales of his action figure line than foiling those plans and saving the world. Killface needs billions of dollars to fund the destruction of Earth with the Annihilatrix, and Xander needs a villain to drive interest in and sales of his action figure line. Welcome to the superhero soap opera that is Frisky Dingo, the Adult Swim television series from Matt Thompson and Adam Reed, the brilliant minds behind another Adult Swim series, Sealab 2021,

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