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The Super Robot Red Baron

Basculo Cui Cui

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Terror strikes an international exposition, showcasing giant robots from around the world, when it is suddenly attacked by the mysterious Iron Alliance, who seizes all of the nation's automatons. But Dr. Deviler, a mad despot who plots to overthrow mankind, fails to capture Red Baron, a super robot built by Kenichiro Kurenai. When Kenichiro is captured, he entrusts Red Baron to his younger brother, Ken, a member of the S.S.I. (Secret Science Investigation) organization. Now Ken pilots Red Baron to fight against the Iron Alliance's mechanical hordes to protect the future of the human race!


Super Robot: Red Baron is an action-packed series produced by the same creative team responsible for Ultraman and Iron King, featuring wall-to-wall action, colorful miniature effects, imaginative production design, endless city-stomping excitement, and a wild score by Bob "Gatchaman" Sakuma. Created during the height of the "Tokusatsu (special effects) Boom" on Japanese television, Super Robot: Red Baron delivers the all of massive spectacle of clashing colossi, in the tradition of Godzilla, in every episode. Presented for the first time in North America, this presentation features all 39 episodes fully subtitled in English!


Disc One:

- Conspiracy Of The Robot Empire

- Violent Crash! The Baron Break

- Trump Card: Android X

- Certain Death! The Phoenix Maneuver

- Crush The Mysterious Rocket Operation!

- Red Baron Combat Disabled!

- Red Balloons Are The Secret Weapon


Disc Two:

- Invincible! Devil Of The Desert

- Fierce Gambit: Uranium Mine In The Mist

- Counterstrike! The Destruction Beam

- The Beautiful Assassin

- Bet Your Life On One Shot!

- 10 Minutes Until Five Cities Are Obliterated

- Enigma Of The Invunerable Robot


Disc Three:

- The Foretold Trap

- Iron Alliance Fugitive E-16

- A Tale Penned By The Devil

- Behold! The End Of Red Baron

- The Beautiful Pilot Of Evil

- Watch Out! S.S.I.

- Modify Red Baron


Disc Four:

- Red Baron In Danger

- Letter Of Challenge From Outer Space

- Smash The Deadly Cosmic Weapon!

- The Seven Secrets Of Red Baron

- The Fall Of Deviler's Iron Alliance

- Invasion Of The Space Robots


Disc Five:

- Goldfinger

- Three Robot Brothers of the Iron Alliance

- The Boy Who Controlled Red Baron

- The Terrifying Apple Bombs

- Remote Controlled Tanks Commence Attack

- Mystery Of The Cosmic Spider Robot


Disc Six:

- The Treacherous Cosmic Express

- Horror Of The Vampire Virus

- The Man From International HQ

- Father's Letter From Across Space

- Red Baron: Disaster On Mars

- A Clockwork Tomorrow





je connait pas du tout mais

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