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Les morts-vivants font l'Espagne - Georges A. Romero (2011)

Commissaire Tanzi

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This time Georgie takes you to the beautiful shores of Spain where european ex-hippies are now living like the yuppies they've all become. With bank accounts that would make Paris Hilton blush, but still wearing hemp-shorts, their lifestyles desecrates what remains of the spanish coasts.

Until a rejected candidate for the local "Big Brother" turns mad and starts contaminating the tapas and the coconut-suncreams, turning the yuppie bunch into Sky-TV addicts.

Jammed into their biodegradable cushions, their reign is about to begin.


Only a small group of fishermen knows the truth... And goes on fishing.


Filming : In 3D origami.

Release date : Wha'ever



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