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Mad war - Paul D. Robinson - 1988

Basculo Cui Cui

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"Their Orders Were Search And Destroy... They Were The Leathernecks!" Italian-made war film dubbed into English; directed by Paul D. Robinson (Ignazio Dolce) starring Richard Hatch James Mitchum Vassili Karis and Antonio Marsina; during the War in Viet Nam a Marine Kill Force is dispatched to rescue a deserter captured by the Vietcong; original Italian title CALLI DI CUOIO



More Vietnam mayhem from Ignazio Dolce (LAST FLIGHT TO HELL)! LEATHERNECKS is definitely Dolce's most stylish and rarest work- forget about most of the cheapie Vietnam actioners you have seen, LEATHERNECKS is a big-budget jungle film featuring lots of big & beautiful explosions, non-stop cursing commandos, non-stop shootings and even rape and drug abuse. Features a great cast including Tony Marsina (ROLF THE LAST MERCENARY) and a powerful synthesizer score by Stefano Mainetti (of Zombi 3 fame). Italo-action fans shouldn't miss this at any cost!





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