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Dr. Shock's grindhouse of horrors - Lance Otto Smith - 2008

Basculo Cui Cui

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First on the menu is Wilbur's Dead & Breakfast. A pair of twin brothers are making millions selling their beef jerky and automotive parts over the internet. When a gang of rogue bikers stumble across Wilber's Bed & Breakfast, they soon discover the twins bloody secret to success.


Bloodsucking Hillbillies is a story of she-devils, moonshine, weakness and wickedness. A sinful tale that sheds light on the mysterious Furko Family Curse.


The third tale, The Black Rose, follows a reporter for "The World Examiner" as he struggles to find the perfect cover story. He hires four college students to get pictures of Carl Carlson, an acquitted axe murderer known for his award winning rose bushes. When the kids trespass on Carl's property, all hell breaks loose.


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