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Uomini si nasce poliziotti si muore - Ruggero Deodato - 1976

Basculo Cui Cui

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Alfredo and Antonio are recruited to join a Special Force for the police dedicated to fighting the Rome underworld using any tactics they think appropriate. Trying to chase down top mobster Pasquini, they pick on his nymphomaniac sister and literally pump her for information. Their attentions don’t escape Pasquini’s notice and he plans to put them out of commission.


Live like a Cop was hugely successful and it isn’t hard to see why. The film begins with an extended motorbike chase at full tilt through Rome which includes a mugger’s victim being dragged behind one bike and a guide dog being run over whilst it’s blind owner is left in the middle of a traffic crossing. When our two hunk heroes capture the muggers, the one still living is “helped” by Alfredo breaking his neck. Porel and Lovelock look gorgeous in this film and their relationship is a very odd one. They travel anywhere sharing one bike, sleep in the same bedroom and share women. This film is almost their romance!


Fernando Di Leo provides the script and Deodato has done it justice with flashes of sharp wit, black humour and sassy dialogue balanced along great fights, torture and explosions when needed. The opening bike chase is a little overstated and almost silly by it’s conclusion, but the casual brutality of the violent cops is well done with Adolfo Celi doing well as their Police Captain who tears them off a strip only to ignore their excesses.


The film is immensely enjoyable but not in the top rank of great Euro crime as the drama seems a bit scattergun and the amorality a little wearing. Still, it’s a great watch for Euro Crime fans.




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