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Shadow hours - Isaac H. Eaton - 2000

Basculo Cui Cui

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Freaks Do Come Out At Night


Recovering addict Michael Halloway (Balthazar Getty - Brothers & Sisters) has a tedious, low-paying job working nights at a gas station. While the nightly parade of junkies, bums, prostitutes and winos tries his patience, he has no choice but to stay on the straight and narrow for the sake of Chloe (Rebecca Gayheart - Nip/Tuck), his devoted wife who stood by him in his struggle for sobriety, and for the child she's now carrying.


But one night he encounters the Stuart Chappell (Peter Weller - RoboCop). A writer supposedly researching underground Los Angeles, he offers Michael money, new clothes and big thrills to assist him on his nocturnal forays into the dark underbelly of after-hours L.A. - a virtual deal with the Devil that could be Michael's ultimate ticket to hell! This neo-Faustian morality tale is a portal to a nocturnal world that few may ever experience.




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