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Blood thist - Newt Arnold - 1965

Basculo Cui Cui

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In the steamy night world of Manila, beautiful women are being brutally murdered - all found with deep incisions in their forearms and all completely drained of blood. Adam Rourke, an expert on sex crime motivation, is called in to help find the killer. Rourke goes undercover, posing as a journalist, to investigate an eerie nightclub where the last victim was employed. There, he discovers an exotic blonde who holds another link to the horrible killings. Rumors of a fiendish blood cult lead Rourke to an evil sun goddess, who preserves her youth and beauty through ritualistic killings carried out by a gruesome monster.


Blood Thirst was filmed entirely in the Philippines, a region that would become notorious in the sixties and seventies as a location for low budget horror films. In fact, many of this movie's cast members were regularly featured in such drive-in classics as Brides of Blood, Mad Doctor of Blood Island and Beast of the Yellow Night. Blood Thirst was made in the mid-sixties but didn't see wide-release in the U.S. until 1971 when it was paired on a double-feature with a British vampire film called Blood Suckers and was promoted with free "vampire rings," which were given to movie patrons.


**Please be advised that while a great effort is made in restoring these films in their entirety, portions which have been destroyed beyond repair may have been edited out.**




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