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This 1979 short feature (65m) has now appeared here in the US as part of the Jean-Marie box with four other DVDs. I purchased this as a single to check it out before investing in the box. In English 16X9 Enhanced (doesn't look it, though); 1776:1.


What attracted me to this was the presence of Karin Schubert, who is always interesting to watch and the presence of Gordon Mitchell, who appears as a gangster wearing a very bright orange windbreaker. Gordon sent me more photos of his Cave filmstudio shortly before his death. A nice man who always makes an impression with his stature.


The plot is a sleazy mixture of crime and sexual encounters (softcore). Schubert plays the wife of a gangster who is forced by him to smuggle heroine all over the world. She herself is hooked, kept addicted by him and gets into all kinds of sordid situations until one day she has had enough and dumps a small fortune in narcotics into the ocean. The disappearance of the drugs triggers the associates of his husband to send Mitchell to attempt to get the drugs/carry out a gangland sanction. At the end Karin kicks Gordon's ass...


In the meantime the pursued heroine carries on an affair including a lot of nude romping. The score is an amusing mixture of retro funk, disco, synthesizer and the bizarre inclusion of the spiritual song AMAZING GRACE.


This is the JM Pallardy film I've seen since WHITE FIRE, also with Gordon Mitchell, and it struck as cheap, but very entertaining and briskly pace Eurosleaze, and I enjoyed the roughly staged crime elements. Co starring Pallardy whose directorial style here doesn't contain the sometimes artful personal touches of Jess Franco or Joe D'Amato imparted to similar material/projects. The very poor cinematography, or maybe it was the materials or transfer, is y Maurice Fellous and the very ragged editing by Bruno Zincone. Is there a longer version? The box lists a 72 m runtime.


The transfer is unsharp with sometimes drab color, sometimes overly bright with a general Grindhouse look, ambiance, who is appropriate but the film quality looks very beaten up as do the trailers for the others, EMMANUELLE 3, EMMANUELLE GOES TO CANNES, etc.


But I still enjoyed it and may next purchase the EMMANUELLE 3 disc.


I'll also be reviewing this and open for discussion on my CINEMADROME site www.http://www.cinemadrome.yuku.com All are welcome and they are many topic areas. And feel free to post in any language as there is international particaption.

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