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Viy d'Oleg Stepchenko (2006)


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“…So the church remained forever with monsters stuck in its doors and windows, overgrown with forest, roots, weeds, wild blackthorn; and no one now can find the path to it.” (Nikolai Gogol’s classic novel “Viy”).


Time went by. The Cossack chief – the young lady’s father – lost his mind: to prevent the evil spirits from entering his estate, he ordered a deep moat dug and a tall wall constructed around the hamlet and the adjacent lands. Now one could only enter the hamlet via a retractable bridge, which was guarded day and night by men, loyal to the Cossack chief. Few were allowed inside. All kinds of riffraff hung around the bridge by the dozen: God’s fools, the homeless and the cripples. Those allowed to cross the bridge were thoroughly searched. The rumors had it the Cossack chief was afraid of Viy’s return.


One day a scientist arrived at the hamlet. From then on mysterious murders started occurring at the estate. Inhabitants, known until then as decent people, suddenly became aggressive and cruel.


The scientist begins an investigation. Soon he learns that Viy indeed exists. Seminarian Brut’s death and all the developments in the recent days are not coincidental. Gradually he comes to unraveling the Viy mystery. It’s not Viy himself who is dangerous, but his gaze. Viy is rather harmless. However, when any mortal looks into Viy’s eyes, the demons of all the sins, fears, passions and horrors, laying dormant in the dark soul of the beholder, attack from within. But a person, whose nature is pure, can look into Viy’s eyes without fear.


The truth is inside you.


Trailer: http://www.twitchfilm.net/viy_big(1).mov

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