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Internetrix - Jamil Nelson - 2006


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Brain Games = Brain Dead read Cody Smith from the Metropolitan Times headlines. Cody “Code” Smith is a lonely man who lives a dreary existence...but once in cyberspace, he’s a master of the world of virtual reality. While playing a game, a “virus” attacks and kills his friend in cyberspace and some how becomes brain dead in real life. Stephen Barrier, the computer mogul will stop at nothing to keep his secret of being the cyber serial killer. Through his powerful influence in the real world, he is able to frame Code for the cyber murders. In cyberspace Code is able to penetrate the depth of the computer mogul’s networks and convince of the Barrier’s employees Niki Shouri, that her boss is the “virus”. With her help, Code begins his heroic struggle. To stop the killings, Code must surf the dangerous waves of the INTERNETRIX.




Malheureusement encore en post-production. Ils doivent un tas de CGI à intégrer avec leur Amstrad alors çà prend du temps.

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