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Bulletface - Albert Pyun - 2007


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Horror and revenge drive this thriller set in sex and human trafficking in the underbelly of a nightmarish city where spinal fluid has become the drug of choice...with nightmarish consequences. "Blade 2" set in "Sin City"


Busy genre filmmaker Albert (CYBORG) Pyun got in touch with Fango to give us an exclusive look at the one-sheet and news of his latest horror flick, BULLETFACE. “It’s an ultraviolent crime thriller about a highly addictive drug derived from human spinal fluid which begins infecting border towns in Texas,” the director says of the Randall Fontana- scripted film. “The fluid must be extracted from a living subject, turning junkies into ghoulish murderers, and human trafficking erupts as two rival gangs wage war to control this new trade, with a dirty Fed caught in between.”


Produced by Nelson Carpentier and Michael Najjar (who also worked with Pyun on his upcoming fright flick LEFT FOR DEAD, which we reported on here), BULLETFACE was filmed in Los Angeles this past May. While the synopsis may lean more towards an actioner than it does the horror genre, the director promises “Brutal, spine-tapping violence, big long nasty needles and a drug that creates horrific physical mutations in its users. Crack monsters times 100—sweet!” Hired to provide said monstrosities were FX artists Jordon Montrieul (another LEFT FOR DEAD alum), Lars Simkin and Glen Barry.


Currently in postproduction, BULLETFACE stars Steven (SCARFACE) Bauer, Victoria Maurette, Jenny Dare Paulin (returning from Pyun’s new flick INFECTION) and Morgan Weisser (from both INFECTION and Pyun’s upcoming Lovecraftian film COOL AIR), and features “over 1,500 CGI effects shots,” according to the director. “It was shot in high definition by cinematographer James Cark Hagopain [another longtime Pyun collaborator], and has the graphic-novel feel of RONIN.” Pyun aims to deliver the movie in early 2008, with worldwide distribution rights represented by Sofia Films.


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mais n'ayant aucun crédit de Pyun j'ai des doutes (en plus les commentaires pour la vidéo laissent songeur


le site internet



Il parait que le film était en vente au Marché du film à Cannes ?


Superwonderscope ? Guncrazy vont peut être nous en dire plus ?

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