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Evil Twin - Kim Ji-hwan - 2007


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Set in Chosun Dynasty, Seo-rae village is enshrouded by a thick fog coming from the lake. While running from a group of village kids, Hyo-jin and his sister So-yeon fall into the lake. The mother of the twins tries hard to save them, both but manages only to save So-yeon, who is alive but comatose. Ten years later, CHOI is murdered mysteriously as he was heading home from a friends gathering. And at that precise moment, So-yeon wakes up from her coma, without any memories of her childhood or even of her sister Hyo-jin. . Not long after the So-yeon’s recovery, more former friends are killed and people suspect So-yeon.. Her lover Hyun-sik, in truth misses the dead sister, Hyo-jin. As So-yeon is driven into a corner, her jealousy of Hyo-jin returns.


Bande annonce



Extrait du tournage


Bon promis j'arrête de vous ennuyer avec les films d'horreur Coréen


...de toute façon c'est un des derniers qui est sortie donc je suis tranquille pendant au moins deux semaines...


...bon maintenant je vais m'attaquer à la Thailande

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