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Flick - David Howard (2007)


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They said Rock 'n' Roll was dead, but Johnny's back, alive and killing!


Johnny 'Flick' Taylor is an outsider. A shy and stuttering Teddy Boy who can't believe that the Sixties have arrived and left him behind. The new wave of music and fashions are far removed from the Rock 'n' Roll sounds and styling that Johnny loves but he refuses to change with the times.


Driving the streets in his red Hillman Minx convertible, Johnny is a laughing stock. Children mock him and adults despair, with only his long-suffering mother loving the man child who can't let go of the past.


His sole refuge is The Palace Dance Hall. Every Friday night to the cue of the music he hits the dance floor. His suede shoes shuffle, but his eyes are firmly fixed on Sally Andrews, the local jive queen who fills his dreams.


After months of battling with his stutter and rehearsing his chat-up lines, Johnny plucks up the courage to ask Sally to dance with him. But his best attempts leave him rebuffed and humiliated, the victim of a severe beating at the fists and feet of his contemporaries.


Crawling away to lick his wounds, he watches Sally 'dirty dancing' with his chief tormentor, Creeper Martin. As the music plays, the room begins to spin and Johnny's thoughts become wilder and wilder.


Very quickly his humiliation turns to rage and he cracks. Rampaging across the dance floor he extracts his revenge. A bloodbath ensues and after killing and maiming his oppressors, Johnny abducts Sally and flees the building.


With a lynch mob in pursuit, Johnny struggles to keep a terrified Sally in the back seat of the car. Loosing control of the vehicle he veers off the road and into the river.


Sally escapes with her life, but Johnny is sent to a watery grave. His vehicle and body are not recovered until forty years later, when a boat dredging the river snags the old car and brings it to the surface with Johnny still at the wheel. Only his face remains ghoulishly human - exposed through his tattered clothes is a corpse stripped to the bone by the catfish.


Following the gruesome discovery, Johnny's body and car are moved to a cold storage facility for identification. Overnight, the building's watchman passes the night away listening on his transistor to Rock-A-Billy Radio, a pirate station that plays Fifties tunes.


The sounds of the past bring Johnny and his car roaring back into life. The watchman is startled to see the Teddy Boy Ghoul standing over him. After killing the man, Johnny pauses to take his comb and Brylcreem - styling his lank locks to perfection.


Driving away, Johnny sees the world as it was in the fifties, his point of view a vision of a bygone era, not the present day. Memory has him return to the only place he ever called home, his mother's flat.


Time has stood still for his "Ma", who never believed Johnny had died. She is blind to the disturbing truth that he is the living dead when he walks back into her life: through a door that has been left on the latch for over forty years. Instead she attempts to care for her son, cook his favourite food and starch his shirts. But all Johnny does is sleep - except between the hours of midnight and 2am when Rock-A-Billy Radio plays the sounds of the fifties. During those hours, fuelled by the music, Johnny is back and out for revenge. Determined to settle old scores by murdering the contemporaries who once derided him - along with their children.


Top of his list is Sally Andrews. Still a looker at sixty-two, Johnny is determined to get her into the back of his car once again and take her for the ride of her nightmares.


Following the series of strange deaths and sightings of the spectral serial killer, Lt. Annie McKenzie, a Memphis cop on an exchange programme with the UK police force, is drafted in to investigate. Initially the murders appear to be the act of a copycat killer. Gradually however, she comes to believe there are supernatural forces at work, and that Ma Taylor is protecting her boy from beyond the grave.


Pitted head-to-head with Johnny, the Detective eventually recognizes that the only way to put an end to the rising body count and the demon's reign of terror is to destroy the source of his power - the music of Radio Rock-A-Billy.


The climax of the film sees McKenzie launching a desperate bid to pull the radio station off air, and send Johnny back to hell. Forever.



source : avpictures

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