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Blood River - Adam Mason (2008)


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It’s 1969 and Clark and Summer are happily married and she’s pregnant. We first meet Summer and Clark as they are driving across California on their way to Arizona to tell Summer’s parents the good news about the pregnancy. They drive across the seemingly never ending and desolate desert landscape - they have a blow out. It’s a nasty one that sends the car into a massive, near fatal crash. They crawl out of it, hurt but alive, Summer terrified for the well being of her unborn child. The nearest place on the map is the uninviting sounding town of Blood River where they meet a mysterious stranger, Joseph. The clash between Joseph and Clark reaches fever pitch and drives our characters ever closer to a violent, destructive and shocking conclusion that will chill you to the bone.




J'aime beaucoup et j'en attends beaucoup ! le plan d'hélicoptère sur le cimetière

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