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Brotherhood of Legio - Li-Shiou Shiao (2007)


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The day a person is born, the earth’s magnetic fields produce a resonance in response. Some are strangely affected, given special abilities and a mission on earth. These chosen people are called the Brotherhood of Legio.


In the quiet of the late night hours, Xiao Lan had a date to meet her mysterious internet lover. She stepped out the front door bidding farewell to her family. What she left behind was a deafening gas explosion, her family’s apartment expiring in flames. In order to win her internet lover’s affections, Xiao Lan followed his every instruction, using her feminine wiles to become closer to a strange middle-aged man in an internet cafe. She must pass his lover’s test to obtain a red box, and become one of the Brotherhood of Legio.


A promising young man, Hong Ren Fang is an assistant professor. It wasn’t until he fainted in the classroom one day that he found out he has a fatal brain tumor. His fiancée is the daughter of the Ji Bang Corporation president. She is also the famous news anchor, Ya Zhu. Shocked by the discovery of Ren Fang’s illness, Ya Zhu tore away in her car. She didn’t think that she would hit a bicyclist head-on. In a panic, Ya Zhu sped away from the scene…At the same time, the miserable and hopeless Ren Fang was met by a mysterious stranger named A.S., who told him he could cure him of his illness…




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