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El ultimo Justo - Manuel Carballo (2007)


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At 35 years of age, Teo Arroyo's life is unremarkable and uneventful, until one day he becomes the victim of an inexplicable murder attempt and of an even more bewildering rescue. For years a secret struggle has kept two mysterious armies in constant conflict, their war based on a belief in the existence of "the Just", men whose survival is essential to setting in motion the Final Judgement. Both armies act in the name of good but have opposing goals. One aims at protecting the "just", thereby saving humanity, while the other strives to eliminate them, in order to achieve mankind's regeneration. After long years of battle and conflict, only one of the "just" remains: Teo. Oblivious to the significance of his life, Teo has no choice but to run for it, with both assassins and saviors hot on his heels."





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