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The Bow - Kim Ki-Duk


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Kim Ki-duk's 12th and newest film is said to be able a relationship between an old man and a young girl. Ki-duk was invited to show The Bow in the non-competitive division of Cannes this year and it will be his first time showing a film there. The movie is being released on May 12th, but it had already made its money back before finishing shooting when 15 countries opted for its export. This is also apparently the first time Ki-duk will be using CGI in a film. Seo Min-jeong from Samaria is playing the girl while Lee Yoon-taek (apparently a "renowned theater director") will play the old man. A more detailed synopsis:


The main backdrop of the film is an unmapped island and a boat floating near the island. Living together in this boat are a young girl just showing signs of budding breasts and a hale 60-year old man who is fit and healthy for his age. "The bow" is a weapon that the old man uses to protect the girl from younger men on the island. The film portrays the love between the old man and the girl. The girl is 16, and the man plans to marry her when she turns 17



Kim Ki-Duk avec des CGI en main je suis trés curieux, merci à Jang Gerald du forum Hkmania pour l'info.

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