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The Thing Below - Jim Wynorski (2005)


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aussi connu sous les titres Sea Ghost et It waits below.


courant aout chez First Look, le nouvel opus de Wynorski sous son vrai nom (!) avec Billy Warlock.


histoire :


Many strange and mysterious creatures lurk in the oceans of planet earth. Mankind has managed to document most of these, but in THE THING BELOW, a new menace is unearthed after centuries of dormancy beneath the waves. A rescue team is called to an oil rig when an emergency signal is activated. Once there, the team discovers an alien presence has left a trail of murderous destruction behind it, and is now set to consume the rescue team unless they can find a way to stop it.


là où ça se gate :


"A tense thriller that resembles a B-movie version of James Cameron's THE ABYSS, "





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