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Newsmakers - Anders Banke, 2009


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Surprenant: NEWSMAKERS est le remake russe du pas si top BREAKING NEWS de Jonnie To sous la direction du réalisateur suédois Anders Banke (FROSTBITEN - TALE OF VAMPIRE).



I still find it very odd that this film exists at all - I mean, who could have expected the Swedish director of vampire picture Frostbite to go out and make a Russian remake of Johnnie To’s Hong Kong action film Breaking News? - but, odd or not, the film does indeed exist. With a veritable who’s who of Russian stars - most of the guys from Bimmer are in this, a solid indication of quality performances in the offing - Newsmakers is due to hit Russian screens very soon now and, as a prelude, we now have the full theatrical trailer, which looks remarkably true to the source material.


Teaser et trailer:


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