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Parano - Bernard Dubois - 1980

Basculo Cui Cui

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ca vaut quoi ? (j'ignorais son existance jusqu'a ce matin)



Hardly watchable gory-philosophical crap, 22 September 2000

Author: galexandre from Paris, France


To my knowledge, this film has never been released commercially in France, and no wonder why ! Shot in 16 mm, hardly audible, the story unfurls around a terrible bad actress pretending that she is a rebel to society by dismembering her family and people around her. Impossible to believe the poor thesp one minute, and the short gory scenes (a severed head on the freeway, a dismembered body in a cupboard, a dog with his belly ripped plus some gunshots) are barely OK. The director probably wanted to make a genre movie (horror for instance) while giving to it some social twist (the woman claims that for her, all social corporations like family, prison, mental asylum - where she ends up - are alike and lethal for individuality). For the fans, Joe Dallesandro has a short scene as the psychiatrist who takes care of Maria, lasting five minutes. Don't bother looking for the tape, even if I know it's been released, long ago in France, for rent. As for myself, I saw it at the French Cinematheque, the only place in the world where they would dare showing such a masterpiece !

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