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Jay Roach + Jim Carrey + Ben Stiller = Used Guys


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Jim Carrey may be re-teaming with Ben Stiller for the upcoming comedy Used Guys for helmer Jay Roach and 20th Century Fox. Daily Variety reports that Carrey is in early negotiations to join the cast of the project, which will be produced by Stiller and his partner Stuart Cornfeld through their Red Hour Films and by Roach under his Everyman Pictures shingle. Production is tentatively slated to begin in the fall.


David Guion and Michael Handelman recently updated the Used Guy script from an original draft by Mickey Birnbaum. Set many years in the future, Used Guys takes place in a society where women rule the planet after all the men have died out from ingesting an enhancement beverage that proved fatal.


Stiller and Carrey would play pleasure clones who are now out-of-date because newer models - with better listening and lovemaking skills - have been developed. In order to preserve the last bit of their dignity, the obsolete models make a run for it and try to find a mystical male nirvana known as Mantopia.


Moi ça me botte en tout cas !

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