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Recherche phrase samplée d'un film ?


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D'après ce site çà serait un extrait de Above the law avec Steven Seagal


[*dialogue from the movie "Above the Law"*]


"You heard about what's goin on in there?"


"Heard a lotta bullshit cocked, I know that much"


"This isn't bullshit my friend"


"Do you know somethin?"


"Don't listen" "What'd you know?"


"Maybe I do and maybe I don't"


"What I say is that they ain't got no business negotitaing"


"We gonna be goin back in they're wit a bullet for every yard"


"Is that right?"


"We do it now, we do it later, later it can be new use"


"Am I right Al?"


"Well, wait, wait minute Frank"


"We gotta a lotta angry guys in they're, black muslims


Panther's, Young Lord"


"Besides you average anti-social"


"So we gotta go in right, clean they're clocks"

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Tu as probablement raison mais c'est pas pour autant que je vais m'infliger "Nico" une nouvelle fois pour vérifier.


"Attica" je ne sais même pas ce que c'est, mais je pense que c'est là d'où vient le fameux dialogue "Il est l'Aure, Monseignor il est l'Aure"...


Non ?

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