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The American Astronaut - Cory McAbee (2001)


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De retour de l’une de ses missions de coursier, Samuel Curtis est tranquillement en train d’ingurgiter quelques mousses dans son saloon favori, quand son ancien associé, Blueberry Pirate, lui propose une nouvelle mission : apporter une femme miniature à l’Homme-Qui-Un-Jour-A-Vu-Une-Paire-De-Seins, leader d’une colonie minière perdue sur une astéroïde. En échange de sa livraison, il recevra un jeune éphèbe, qu’il devra emporter chez les Vénusiennes. Mais, en cours de route, Curtis se rend compte qu’il est poursuivi par son ennemi de toujours, le Professeur Hess, un psychopathe qui ne peut pas s’empêcher de laisser derrière lui quelques corps.


Découvert grâce au Luff de Kero et sous le charme à l'époque, un peu oublié maintenant j'ai pus raviver mes souvenirs en voyant l'annonce de la sortie du dvd sur un autre forum.


On peut aisément comparer ce film au Forbidden Zone de Richard Elfman vu le traitement des deux films (Comedie Musical barré en N&B)


Pour ma part c'est direct DVD in the pocket, j'ai aussi pécho la beo du film.


DVD Special features:


- Live Director's Commentary

- Production Stills & Drawings

- Test Footage

- Storyboards, Graphic Design

- Sidewalk Drawings

- French & Spanish Subtitles

- Widescreen

- Audio Options: 5.1/Stereo/Mono


Le trailer -> http://www.americanastronaut.com/video/small.htm


Le site officiel -> http://www.americanastronaut.com/home.shtml


Pour commander le DVD -> http://www.billynayer.com/store/

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Puts the "Fart" back in "Artsy Fartsy.", May 10, 2005

Reviewer: Doug Traversa "Doug Traversa" (Tullahoma, TN) - See all my reviews


Sorry guys, the emperor is naked. I can't imagine why anyone would give this 5 stars, unless they were stoned or drunk while watching it (and even then it would still stink). Imagine, if you will, a shot of a man walking from his spaceship to a bar. He appears as a tiny figure trudging across the screen, and this goes on for about a minute. Exciting? Then this film is for you! Imagine a science fiction film which looks like it was filmed in Kansas, which such exciting locales as a rundown wooden barn floating in space, or a wooden bar on an asteroid (the oxygen leakage must be terrific). Imagine the villain killing everyone in site, turning them into piles of dirt, which he then rolls in for about five minutes. I was afraid he was going to copulate with it; thank whatever gods there may be that he didn't. This stinker has about 15 minutes of actual plot and dialog stretched into an eternity of pain. It's pretty sad when you find yourself wishing you were watching something much better, like "Plan 9 from Outer Space" or "The Creeping Terror." The only redeeming part of the film was the music, which was unique in a good way. Hard to classify, but just buy the CD and spare yourself the misery of actually watching this film. It's not funny, it's not a spoof, it's not an homage, it's a pile of fetid dingo's kidneys. Run away, run away!


Really Really Really Bad, May 10, 2005

Reviewer: Movie Man - See all my reviews

The title doesnt even begin to explain how awful this movie is, it is just that bad. It really makes little to no sense at any point, and many people have said it was good because it was weird, I merely found it to be boring and painful to watch. It moved at a slow pace and was filled with meaningless drivel. Don't waste your time on it.

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