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Billy Badd - Alex Downs - 1992

Basculo Cui Cui

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je me debarasse de ma vhs


vu hier soir


c'est sympa, ya de belles images du desert parfois


l'heroine a de tout petits tétés


le psychopathe joue tres bien, tout en sobrieté et il est doublé par richard darbois


An over-the-top action thriller...

with hyperkinetic edges!


Motor Psycho is an action thriller, that combines the raw energy, relentless pursuit and dark humor of "Terminator" and "Road Warrior." the action packed story follows two college bound teens, Frankie and Zoey, on a frightful odyssey through the hear of California's Mojave Desert. While driving across country, the young lovers quickly encounter Bill Badd, a shotgun wielding motorcyclist who forces them into a series of deadly road games. The couple is quickly plunged into a life and death survival race on the Motor Psycho's demented road to hell....


Billy Bad eventually forces Frankie and Zoey's van off the highway into a terrible fireball crash. Although they manage to escape on foot from the exploding van, Frankie is ultimately kidnapped by Badd. Zoey faces the challenge of rescuing her boyfriend. Her journey takes her deep into the desert where she encounters Billy's strange brother, the Desert Rat. With Rat's help, Zoey makes a long climb up the cathedral cliffs that lead to Billy's shotgun death shack. The final confrontation pits Frankie and Zoey against Billy Badd in the ultimate test of good versus evil.


The bloody chilling climax will keep you surprised until its frightening end!


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