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Prochainement chez No Shame


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This June, NoShame Films will be releasing two more excellent Italian action films, CONVOY BUSTERS, starring Maurizio Merli, and COLT .38 SPECIAL SQUAD with Marcel Bozzuffi and Ivan Rassimov. And as a special added bonus, the COLT .38 SPECIAL SQUAD DVD will contain an added bonus feature - Luciano Ercoli's kidnapping thriller LA BIDONATA. This rare Italian crime film from the giallo master has never been seen in any format, video or theatrical, and is receiving its first-ever release on this DVD. LA BIDONATA will not be made available seperately, so the only place to get it is with COLT .38 SPECIAL SQUAD and no place else. This is a unique opportunity to see this rarely seen motion picture, so make sure you get your copy of COLT .38 SPECIAL SQUAD when it comes out on June 27!



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