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Pervert ! - Jonathan Yudis (2005)


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[img]http://img131.echo.cx/img131/166/pervert0xh.jpg[/img] Le vrai fils spirituel de Russ Meyer ? :cochon: http://www.pervertthemovie.com/ [img]http://www.pervertthemovie.com/images/set_photos/set19.jpg[/img] [quote]This movie is for fans of comedy and big boobs; but it's also a celebration of Sex, Death, Freedom and Absurdity. The birth of this project was when two friends, myself and my writing partner Mike Davis, joked about creating an outrageous comedy about all the people and things we’re not ‘supposed’ to think, talk, write, or make movies about. The result is the bizarre and titillating tale known as “PERVERT”. Now the laughs are yours for the taking… Enjoy it! [/quote] Trailer ici, ça a l'air bien sympa :D http://www.pervertthemovie.com/trailer_480.html
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