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Wasteland - Kantz, 2008


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On dirait que le postnuke a le vent en poupe, et c'est pas pour me déplaire

WASTELAND semble verser dans la mouvance cinéma indé version western futuriste à tout piti budget, mais possède sembe-t-il tous les ingrédients d'un bon bis de derrière les fagots avec ses barbares sanguinaires, ses armes blanches destroy et son décor désertique.


This indie Sci-Fi/Adventure movie Produced, Written and Production Designed By LUCAS CULSHAW. Along with his good Friend and Director KANTZ, both set out to prove that you don't need millions of dollars to shoot a great movie. LUCAS and KANTZ are huge fans of Genre films and wanted to make a movie they always wanted to see but the big studios weren’t taking chances on making.


WASTELAND was shot all over the Mojave and in and around the greater LA area of California in 16 days and on a minuscule budget. The film was made successfully due to the hard working crew and heart of amazing talent. Actor GARRET T. SATO was the first and only choice for the lead role of KEO and he naturally attracted an amazing cast to this Film.


WASTELAND will be playing worldwide and will also be hitting the festivals this summer.





It's the near future and we've finally done it. The chemicals that we have been pumping into the environment have caused our ecosystem to fail and collapse. Known as 'Black Sunday', hundreds of the worst dust storms or 'Black Blizzards' occurred throughout the World; First it was the land to go barren then it was the animals who were brought to the edge of extinction and finally the death toll of man was in the hundred of millions.


Keo Tanaka and his family are trying to adjust to this world gone wrong when group of religious zealots simply named The Church pay them an unwelcome visit. Brutalized and tortured, The Church lead by the enigmatic Caine, leave him and his wife for dead and carry his son off for some unholy purpose.


Now it’s 17 years later and the world has only gotten worse. Cannibalism has spread like wildfire and Scavengers, Mutants and unknown horrors that lurk beneath the sand are now threats of everyday life.


Still alive and hardened by years of searching, Keo has finally come close to finding The Church and exacting his revenge. First he must make it through all the horrors the Wasteland has in store for him.


“WASTELAND” is a non-stop sci-fi adventure of a man who has lost everything and what he will endure for a little piece of mind.


Trailer dispo sur leurspace:




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