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Supercross - Steve Boyum (2005)


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Ca va sentir le male dans le slibard!


"Your girlfriend dumped you*

Your car has been stolen

your rent is overdue

... but these are the least of your worries

when you're fifity feet off the ground"


Ca claque sa race, ça!


Des meufs bien roulées

De la moto qui crache la vitesse

des cascades CGi à couper la touffe

des djeunzs dans le mooooooooove

une pléthore de tubes en fofofofofofof- foliiiiiiiiiiiiie


C'est Supercross de Steve Boyum ( Timecop 2 , La castagne 2 et cascadeur sur Mighty Ducks 3 )


avec Mike Vogel (TCM 2004) Steve Howey, Sophia Bush (Van Wilder) et le cachetonnage : Robert Patrick, daryl hannah et David Carradine


"Risk Everything

Fear nothing:





La bande annonce kitutonslip :



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coming soon at jeremie's


Full-throttle supercross action!


Welcome to the high-intensity, high-octane world of Supercross, the extreme sport where gravity knows no limits. Brothers KC and Trip Carlyle are up-and-coming motorcycle racers with limited opportunities, unlimited potential, and dreams of becoming champions. When KC's big break comes in the form of a lucrative, corporate "factory" sponsorship, the brothers are torn apart, becoming bitter rivals both on and off the track. But when a tragic accident threatens their Supercross dreams, the brothers must cast aside their differences -- and fear itself -- to defy the odds and take the checkered flag!





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