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Diamond Dogs - Shimon Dotan (2008)


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Diamond Dogs" is the story of a group of American fortune hunters, who come to China looking for a long-lost-treasure. During the Soviet crack-down on religion in the 1930's, a priceless Buddhist artifact, a Tangka was taken across the border to China and hidden in the mountains. The diamonds alone, decorating this huge gold-inlaid textile, are thought to be worth $50 million. The fortune hunters need a guide and protection on the trip, so they hire an American ex-pat, Ronson. He's ex-Army and living an existence in Inner-Mongolia of drinks, women and bare-knuckle fights. The group takes off into the Mongolian mountains on a trek that will change their lives forever. For not only is this Tangka wanted by ruthless Russian mercenaries, but it's also protected by something much more sinister. Something that even Ronson can't imagine...


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