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Grand theft auto - Ron Howard - 1977

Basculo Cui Cui

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bon souvenir de cette prod corman que je vais me refaire sous peu en hommage au grandiose episode IV de la saga vidéoludique



See theigreatest carsiin theiworld… Destroyed!


"Grand Theft Auto was Ron Howard's directorial debut. I first met Ron Howard when he starred in Eat My Dust for me. I couldn't afford Ron's salary, so I gave him a salary and a percentage of the profits. After Eat My Dust opened to really huge figures, Ron said he'd do a sequel for exactly the same money, plus he'd do another job for free… he'd direct the movie for nothing! Ron and his father Rance came up with a winning idea for Grand Theft Auto, a chase movie where Ron could be the legitimate lead, but not be in every scene so he could concentrate on his directing. Ron has gone on to direct a series of critically and financially successful films, including the Oscar-winning A Beautiful Mind. I'm proud to have been a vehicle to launch Ron Howard on his esteemed directorial career." -Roger Corman


Cross Romeo And Juliet with the Demolition Derby and you have Grand Theft Auto, Ron Howard's directorial debut. Can a young runaway couple get hitched in Vegas before two sets of parents, a jealous boyfriend, a private dick, and a mob of bounty hunters catch them?






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