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Ascension (Karim Hussain)(2002)


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Ca veut dire "sous-titre français"! N'est-ce paS?


non mais finlandais


Director: Karim Hussain

Label: Njuta Films

Genre: Art House

Country: Canada / USA

Year: 2002




Karim Hussain's second feature tells the story of three women going after the one who killed god. Apparently all humans were given the ability to do miracles, and the world was thrown into chaos as everyone started abusing that power.


Now three women are climbing an old factory where, on the top floor, the one who started the whole downfall of society is waiting. By killing him/her they will destroy the world and end this nightmare.




# DVD 1 Anamorphic (16:9) Widescreen Version

# English audio

# Optional Danish, Norwegian, Finnish & Swedish subtitles

# Audio Commentary by Karim Hussain

# "The City Without Windows" - Short Film - French audio with English subtitles



# Making of

# Deleted and Alternate Scenes

# Photo Gallery

# Teaser

# Trailers


source Xploited

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