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Spécial Silencers - Arizal - 1979


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Par le réalisateur de The Stabilizer et d'American Hunter, ça veut tout dire.



The story is simple: Conniving crook Gundar (Dicky Zulkamaen, who gets to spout the best lines) wants to be mayor of the town. The only problem is that there already is a mayor and he is bringing a special cop into town to investigate some funny business that is going on. Luckily Gundar has these red pills he keeps in a small box around his neck. They are called "Special Silencers" and he stole them from his monk grandfather (but not before his grandfather cut off his right leg right below the knee!). When injested, the silencers grows plants in the person's stomach and branches burst out of the chest, mouth and eyes. Gundar (who has skin made of steel thanks to a practice he learned from his grandfather) takes a meeting with the mayor and puts one of the red pills into the mayor's coffee when he's not looking. A couple of minutes later, the mayor is lying on the floor screaming while plants shoot out of his stomach, mouth and eyes (I guarantee that you will be shocked as well as laugh). Gundar has his henchmen destroy the bridge leading into town to stop the special cop from making it into town. With the cop is the mayor's daughter Julia (Eva Arnez) and they both meet Hendra (Barry Prima), who stops on his motorcycle to help Julia and the cop (who is her Uncle) refill their car's radiator with water. All three stop at the bridge and Hendra goes on his motorcycle to bring back help to fix the bridge (He jumps the broken bridge with his motorcycle like Evel Knievel). While Hendra is away, Julia and her Uncle decide to have a picnic. Unfortunately, Gundar's right-hand man Gumilar (W.D. Mochtar) is waiting behind the bushes and puts a red pill in the food. While Julia is off taking a dip at the river, her Uncle starts eating the food on the bridge and he falls down and screams in pain as plantlife comes bursting out of every orifice. Julia comes running and passes out after seeing the condition her Uncle is in. The rest of the film finds Gundar trying to kill Julia and Hendra, as they are the only people standing in his way from becoming the mayor. A few more people will swallow the red pills and there are many martial arts fights between Julia, Hendra and Gundar's inept fighting force.


Un gros nanar bien sympa avec Barry Prima et sa femme Eva Arnaz qui affrontent à coups de pieds et poings les sbires d'un vilain (invincible sauf si on le frappe à coups de bambou) qui terrorise un trou perdu et qui tue des gentils avec des pilules magiques qui font pousser des plantes dans leur estomac, le tout avec une image constamment surexposée.

Avec du gore moisi, un doublage anglais qui ne l'est pas moins, Barry qui imite Tarzan avec une liane, un méchant avec un lance-foreuse ainsi qu'une torture aux chaussures qui puent.

J'en ferais bien une chro pour nanarland.

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