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His name was Jason – Daniel Farrands (2009)


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La nouvelle que tous les fans attendaient, enfin un vrai documentaire sur la franchise.

Une demande dont Paramount n’a jamais profité. Jusqu’au bout les vendredi 13 auront été une sorte de honte pour le studio qui n’a jamais daigné lever de fonds pour des bonus corrects lors des multiples éditions dvd.

Un dvd Anchor Bay bien sûr.


Friday the 13th Documentary Begins Shooting


August 20, 2008



Filming has commenced in L.A. on His Name Was Jason, a new documentary about the Friday the 13th franchise. It will air on Starz the first week of February 2009 (just in time for Platinum Dunes' new film). A DVD release through Anchor Bay Entertainment will follow.


Daniel Farrands - editor/co-publisher of Crystal Lake Memories and director of The History Channel's two Amityville Horror docs - is directing with Anthony Masi and Thommy Hutson on producing duties.


This triumvirate is gathering an eclectic mix of cast, crew and other industry professionals to talk about Friday the 13th, its sequels and the impact it has had on the horror genre, furthermore, pop culture. ShockTillYouDrop.com's managing editor Ryan Rotten sat down with Farrands for his interview this morning - he followed screenwriter Victor Miller who now has a tattoo sleeve (?!).


Keep it here for more updates, and air dates, as they come in!

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L'integrale z1 contenait des bonus comme retrospective avec les comédiens et realisateurs de tous les Jason.


Ce qu'on attend surtout , ce sont les versions uncut.


t'as complétement raison

Avec la sortie du remake ça va gratter les fonds de casseroles ,

y a de bonnes chances pour qu'elles arrivent.

Mais je suis un des déçus de la totale absence de Steve Miner des bonus du pack Z1

C'est un peu lui qui a inventé Jason quand même.

Cunningham insiste pas mal dessus en plus dans les featurettes du pack.


Un reportage qui ratrappe l'erreur m'emballe grave .

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EXCL: Producer Offers His Name Was Jason Update

Source:Ryan Rotten

September 3, 2008


...This "epic" documentary will not only feature spoken recollections; Masi is excited to report his interviewees are bringing unseen items from the film to share. Friday the 13th: Part 3's FX artist Douglas White dragged into over 30 never-before-seen behind-the-scenes photos. "He just brought them in a box. Adam Marcus brought in an original Friday the 13th script with handwritten notes from 1980. We've got typed notes from Sean Cunningham to business associates, stuff that was going to be thrown out when they were clearing their office. He just held onto it. He brought in one of five boxes of original Variety ads and other insane stuff. "


"Marylin Poucher - she jumped out of the lake in Part 3 as Mrs. Voorhees - she brought in rare photos of the makeup application. These were just personal photos of hers," he continues. "We've got some alternate scenes I don't believe fans have seen."


Masi, Hutson and Farrands are working towards a mid-October deadline at which point they'll turn in their cut. Anchor Bay will release His Name Was Jason on DVD February 3, 2009 with three hours of bonus material; a debut on Starz follows on, you guessed it, February 13th


tjrs pas de Steve Miner à l'horizon

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