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K-20 - Shimako Sato (2008)


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Takeshi Kaneshiro et Tony Leung dans une histoire de super-héros Pulp japonais, ça donne franchement envie.


Synopsis :

In the fictional capital "Teito" where the aristocrats continue to thrive since the 19th Century, there is a wide gap between rich and poor. In the city, there are rumors about a mysterious thief, who only steals from the rich with incredible ways. People call him K-20, that's short for "Kaijin Niju-Menso" (the Phantom Thief with 20 faces). Heikichi (Kaneshiro Takeshi) is a circus acrobat.


One day, he is deceived by a mysterious old man, and arrested as K-20. The old man turns out to be K-20 himself! Heikichi succeeds to escape from the jail and decides to hunt down the real K-20 to prove his innocence. Meanwhile, K-20 sets his eyes on a rich lady, who is the fiance of Akechi Kogoro, a famous detective and once arrested Heikichi. One day, Heikichi happens to rescue Yoko from K-20. He somehow convinces Yoko and Kogoro that he is not the real K-20 and begins to fight against K-20 with them, using his incredible physical ability. In the non-stop battle with K-20, the true identity of the thief is revealed!




et une affiche qui démoule les cakes au fruits confits :



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