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Ikiteru mono wa inai no ka - Gakuryu Ishii - 2011


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Vous en voulez, du titre en VO!!?? Et ben paf!!!

(ça se traduirait par “Are any of you alive?” ou “Are there any survivors?“)


Le nouveau film de Gakuryu Ishii, anciennement Sogo; en d'autres termes:


An anarchic & darkly comic look at the links between life & death, set at a university where an urban legend is spoken of in hushed tones. Seemingly normal people engage in comically surreal conversations & ‘punk’ goings on as everyday life distorts toward a mysterious finale. A sick woman who slips out of her hospital room, students & a cafe worker in a love triangle, men who witness a major accident, & an ENT doctor with a one-sided crush on a medical clerk.




Director Ishii said during an interview at the 2010 NIFFF that is new film would inspired by Luis Bunuel’s The Exterminating Angel, but it should be “darker, stranger“.


Et maintenant la vilaine review


Adapting Shiro Maeda’s absurdist play No One Alive Here?, Gakuryu Ishii (formerly Sogo Ishii of The Crazy Family fame) manages to fill the screen with vaguely directed, poorly shot set pieces that try to add up to some sort of end times vision. It’s a far cry from the like of Von Trier’s Melancholia or Soderbergh’s Contagion. In Iketeru mono wa inai no ka a mysterious illness suddenly grabs all the cast except one, quickly dispatching them with overacted death throes. As the film progresses, corridors and sidewalks, parks and restaurants become littered with dead bodies that the last survivor (Shota Sometani) navigates to a finale of apocalyptic visions (birds and planes falling from the sky) – and that’s it. Not even quite a whimper. Neither realistic nor cogently theatrically stylized, Iketeru mono wa inai no ka plods along leaving the viewer with hopes that director Ishii will kill off each character quickly (at nearly 2 hours long, he doesn’t) and the damn thing will be over. Ishii’s inauspicious return makes me long for the old Sogo.


Ca sort à la fin du mois au Japon.

Pour plus d'info, cf Wildgrounds!

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