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Electric Dragon 80,000 V en zone 1

caffeine holocaust

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Chez Discotek Media avec Sars Wars & plein d'autres trucs bien chouettes !


War in Space is up for preorder now it comes out on April 25th



Puss 'n Boots is going to be released May 30th, its on Amazon but you can't order it yet. Probably in a week or two they will start taking orders. I really liked Puss 'n Boots a lot. The animation and action scenes are pretty impressive, Miyazaki did all the action chase scenes and you can tell at the end of the film that he animated most of it. The music in the film is very good also.


Burst City and Electric Dragon are both coming out on June 27th. Both will be packaged similar to Zero Woman, Tom Mes wrote the booklets for them, and Electric Dragon is coming with the soundtrack CD for a limited time. Were also trying to track down more info about Burst City to include, such as song lyrics and behind the scenes info.


We've been working on the subtitles for Burst City and i'm amazed how good this movie is. I had only seen it from VHS before, but now that I can watch it in good quality i'm even more impressed with how well it was put together. The intro is so awesome on this film. I really love the way on the older stuff they gave you the credits at the beggining of the film but they made it fun. I just hope enough people will check it out, cause it's a great film.


It's real hard to get any kind of extras for films like Burst City and Zero Woman. No one saved anything back then since home video wasn't like it is today they probably figured no one would care. For Electric Dragon it's loaded in extras. War in Space has a good number of extras also, we got the rights to the booklet that was included with the Japanese release, and translated it into English. It has the interview with Nakano Teruyoshi also which is almost like a behind the scenes or making of. They go back to all the designs and everything it's pretty detailed. Sars Wars of course will have a bunch of extras since its new.


Sars Wars is coming out on July 25th


Mikadroid, we're going to put it out in August


Bye Bye Jupiter in September


October and November will be one of the Lupin anime titles, and we have two other titles that we are putting out that haven't been anounced yet one will be Blind Womans Curse with Meiko Kaji, and the other will be Naked Blood. We haven't gotten the materials yet, but we're getting a new print telecined for Blind Womans Curse so we hope to get it out by October/November


Source DVDmaniacs

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j'ai tenté de mater ce film.... pas mon truc. Bordélique, filmé avec des moufles en dépit du bon sens, et joué avvec les pieds du Wonk'....


Pourtant, l'aura culte qui entoure le film m'avait positivement préparé... finalement... j'étais pas bien préparé....



l'es refilé au Nasty... qui lui n'a pas aimé non plus...

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J'adore ce film, si le disque est bourré de supplément c'est encore mieux.

"Ce qui l'a sauvé c'est la guitare électrique"


Je trouve que la mise en scène est vraiment bien foutue même si un peu cheap, la photo est sublime tout du long (quand l'enfant monte après le poteau électrique !). En plus, je suis carément preneur de tous les trips autour de la gratte.

Du tout bon.

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