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The abominable - Patrick Donahue - 2006


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vu et lu dans Mad, voici le trailer



... et le synopsis


It started as a legend whispered in seaside taverns along the northern coast, a legend of a gigantic 60' creature that walks the tundra like a man. It has many names: Yeti, Big Foot, Sasquatch and the Abominable Snowman. Noted wildlife photographer Jimmy O'Shea believes these stories and has made it his life's work to photograph this legend. But Jimmy O'Shea is killed mysteriously so it is his beautiful daughter Ally, an animal rights activist, who agrees to take on her father's legacy. Even so, she is repulsed by her father's partner Jacko, a ruthless hunter providing animals for illegal experiments. But she will work with her avowed enemy to uncover this great discovery. Jacko captures the creature and brings the attraction back to Alcatraz Island. Ally cannot tolerate the creature's captivity.


Now, Jacko's hunt for glory becomes one woman's fight for freedom. When Jacko's men move to harm Ally, this most endangered species become the most dangerous of all. The creature and Ally escape making a desperate stand on the Golden Gate Bridge. Combat helicopters zoom down firing but they discover the creature is not only incredible but also indestructible.

Now they've made him... abominable!


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