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Almighty Thor - Christopher Ray, 2011


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Prends-garde à toi, Kenneth!!!

Ray (fils de Fred Olen!!, déjà producteur sur "Titanic II") est sur tes talons!


Pour qui souhaite passer le casting, The Asylum recherche:


The Asylum issued a casting call this morning for their upcoming ”Almighty Thor”, which, as you’ll have guessed already, is a low-budget film, ‘hammering’ similar ground, timed to release in accordance with Marvel’s “Thor”.

Just like Kenneth Branagh’s super-pricey blockbuster, “Almighty Thor” will include the characters of the Norse God himself, Loki, and Odin. Mythical types Jarnsaxa and Baldir are also featured.

We were sent the following character breakdowns for the movie, filming early December.


(Lead) – 22, Male, Caucasian: Long Blonde hair, blond beard and mustache a huge plus. Big and Muscular- EXTREMELY well built. Young Thor, while eager, is untrained, undisciplined and not ready for the mantle of leadership. He is forced to come of age when the world of men and Gods is threatened with destruction. Yes, the classic comic book character. Archetype: Viking


- 58, Male, Caucasian: Thor’s father is big and strong, well built and in shape man. Odin has never backed down from a challenge or tasted defeat and has protected the world of Gods and man all of his years. archetype: Viking


- 33, Male, Caucasian: Thor’s brother is brave, disciplined, big and strong. He has followed in his father’s footsteps and is ready to defend the kingdom to his death. He is charged with ensuring young Thor’s safety. archetype: Viking


(LEAD)- 25-40, Male, Caucasian: Thin, dark and twisted, Loki is power hungry and deeply disturbed. He wants to rule the world by destroying it. He is part demon, part man and part mystic.


(LEAD) 20-30, Female, any ethnicity: Thor’s demigoddess and guardian. She is as beautiful as she is powerful and skillful. She trains Thor and prepares him to be the leader he was fated to be.

The logline of the film is simply “The Coming of age story of the classic character Thor”.


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