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Glutors - Peter Manoogian - 1992

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je viens de le recevoir


par le real de l'exellent TERRITOIRE ENNEMI (a ne pas confondre avec EN territoire ennemi !)



The sleepy little town of Comet Valley has been invaded by plants from outer space. Intent on taking over the Earth, the space plants have found a way to pollinate humans, thus turning them into walking seed carriers. Can the resourceful residents fight off the alien invaders, or is the planet doomed to become an alien garden?



Cheesy? Lame? Dull? Boring? Rip-Off? Low Budget?, 16 April 2001

Author: BHorrorWriter from Ohio, USA


The answer to all the questions above....YES!!


I remember the first time I saw the poster for this movie in the Video store by my grandmothers apartment. I was maybe 10 or 11, and has been an instant fan of early Full Moon movies. When this finally arrived at the video store, I rented it the next time I stayed over my Grandmothers. I remember thinking that it wasn't too bad but what did I know at that age. Anyway....It stuck in my mind for all these years. Maybe a year or two ago, I happened upon this video in a small video store (similar to the one by my grandmothers, which has gone under and is now a baptist church), and I rented it. I have not seen this movie in any of the main stream video stores, and picked it up. Watched it again, and realized: It was a slow paced, rip off, at times dull, and boring movie, which does have bad special effects, silly looking monster (though I do like them). This movie is not scary, the acting is better than most of the full moon movies nowadays. I don't know...I love Full Moon movies, mostly the older ones from when they started out....I own upwards of 30+ Full Moon movies, and continue to collect them...I got this little gem, in far better than mint condition on ebay, like most of the older ones I have.....This is a movie to have in a collections, like mine....I am a Horror Movie Freak and have some of the worst ones made....but they are fun to watch...pick out the mistakes, hate the way they always end...etc


I would have really liked to have seen a sequel to this one....however, Full Moon only makes sequel if the videos do well...Or it is one of the Puppet Master Movies....When 10 years have passed almost, and i don't think I will see the sequel.....i could write it, but Full Moon does except from unknown writers....


Also, take in to condiseration this movie probably had a budget of like 300-500 thousand if that. Their movies now only have like 100,000 and under....since their separation from paramount, the movies seem a little worse..


watch, rent, buy this movie...it is for fans only.....


6 out of 10













seed people........, 11 March 2003

Author: sketchy (j6524@hotmail.com) from pembroke,massachusetts.


This is a hokey monster movie that is so laughable, you got to love it. It provides perfect entertainment, despite obvious low-grade production values. The story has been used to death and the acting is bad. But, hey, I love bad movies, so why not watch it for a few laughs?
















At least the cover was cool, right?, 17 October 2004

Author: willywants


The sleepy little town of Comet Valley has been invaded by plants from outer space. Intent on taking over the Earth, the space plants have found a way to pollinate humans, thus turning them into walking seed carriers. Can the resourceful residents fight off the alien invaders, or is the planet doomed to become an alien garden? pretty lame sci-fi film. This was around the time that full moon films started to get cheap and it shows. The story is weak. The acting is passable at best. The production values are as mundane as the screenplay is. The creatures look goofy. "Seed people" is destined to collect dust on the shelves of bargain basement video stores. Unless, of course, people who drool over direct-to-video fodder, such as myself, prowl such places, once in a while finding a real hidden gem among other direct-to-video cheeseballs. "Seed people" is, unfortunately, just that: A direct-to-video cheeseball. Not a terrible one, just an average one. watchable at least. But not really recommended. 3.5/10.















A seedy cowflop for cactus heads... :=8P, 7 September 1999


Author: Paul A. Presenza (moocowmoo@aol.com) from Wilmington, DE USA


"Plants are the most cunning and vicious of all life forms", informs one dopey would-be victim in "The Seedpeople", a silly, flaccid remake of "Invasion of the Bodysnatchers", "Day of the Triffids", and about a thousand udder moovies. And why are seeds moore dangerous than plants, one might ask? Because, according to the same dolt, "seeds can chase us". Yes, I can remember one horrifying incident when the MooCow was just a calf, being chased all the way home from school by ravenous dandylion seed... Yeah, right. Unfortunately, the "monsters" in this seedy little turkey kind of look like shaggy little muppets, some of which roll around like evil tumbleweeds, others which sail about on strings. There's not even the tiniest inkling of terror or suspense to be found here. For reasons left unexplained, the seed monsters are knocked out by 50 volt ultra-violet lights, even though they can walk about in the daylight, which has about 1,000,000,000,000 times more uv energy. As you can see, not much thought was put into this cow flop. The MooCow says go weed yer garden instead of wasting your photosynthesis here. :=8P















What a lame conception..., 16 December 1999


Author: BUTCHER-5 from Poland


This flick reminds me some really bad science-fiction movies from 50's and 60's.It is not scary or interesting,but it's dull,cheesy and stupid.Special effects are laughable,all actors are ludicrous and the ending is simply awful.Don't waste your money,rent or buy something better.I give it 3.5 out of 10( I found this turkey quite amusing because of its stupidity).
















Piece of crap., 27 July 2004


Author: Embalmer from Chyby,Poland


Peter Manoogian's "Seedpeople" is a stupid horror film about people being taken over by a plant monsters in a small town of Comet Valley.The action is deadly dull,the monsters are completely unscary and there is no gore.The film is a blatant copy of "Invasion of the Body Snatchers",so anyone who is looking for some new ideas will be disappointed.The monsters by John Carl Buechler are among the most laughable movie creatures in recent years.The script by Jackson Barr is truly lame and the direction by Peter Manoogian ("Demonic Toys","Eliminators") is not better.The film may be marginally entertaining,if you're in the right mood.My rating:3 out of 10 and that's being really generous.
















The Root of all Evil..., 22 March 2005


Author: barnthebarn from Oxford, England


Seed People contains some great acting. It also features extreme gore, especially during the death scenes. The townsfolk, for some unexplained reason, show little surprise, or amazement at the moist sucking plants (huh?, exactly!). Andrea Roth makes an attractive 'herione' and alongside lead gent Hennings sizzle with chemistry (he is her ex-husband in the film! - think time to revisit those vows!). Bernard Kates (as Doc) is absolutely appalling (so bad its beyond comprehension) - sorry mate if you ever read this! The stupid 'open-ending' does not help one bit. The original idea is from Charles Band. The music is by Perry Bullington but musical services are provided by Richard Band Productions.

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ma critique dans le Médusa 18


Malgré tous les efforts de CIC Vidéo pour nous présenter Glutors (traduction stupide et ringarde de Seed People) comme un Gremlins bis, il n'en est rien, voir à ce titre le résumé du film au dos de la cassette carrément à côté de la plaque ( Glutor, Tumber et Sailor des plantes carnivores animées des plus mauvaises intentions. Elles complotent un plan ingénieux pour féconder et gouverner le monde... etc....)

Au contraire, ce film est un ersatz - plagiat de L'invasion des profanateurs de sépultures, plagiat jusqu'au bout des ongles. Le film débute d'ailleurs selon le principe de quelques classiques des années 50 (Frankenstein s'est échappé, La mouche...), ici le héros qui arrive à l'hopital et raconte son histoire.... Flash back. Dans une petite ville américaine, répondant au doux nom de Comete valley, certains habitants ont changé d'attitude. Leur pâle froideur met en avant le fait qu'ils soient investis par des êtres venus d'ailleurs, les Seed People, qui une fois de leurs cosses, prennent possession des humains pour conquérir le monde ! Et il vaut mieux qu'ils prennent apparence humaine parce qu'ils ne sont pas beaux mais pas beaux du tout ! BUECHLER, créateur des monstres, devait picoler durement à l'époque ! Trop caoutchouteux pour être réaliste, trop laids et pas assez drôles les Glutors n'auraient même pas leur place dans la communauté des fameux craignos monsters... et s'ils roulent comme des boules, c'est pour mieux nous rappeller leurs cousins éloignés d'outre espace les CRitters !

Le film de Peter Manoogian multiplie les lieux communs : le shérif amoureux de la même femme que le héros, un scientifique qui revient dans la ville, le vieux fou alcoolique que personne ne croit) et les maladresses : certains personnages passent de l'état de Glutors à celui d'humains, d'autres pas, d'autres encore se voient juste hypnotisés ! Bref, on n'y comprend vite plus rien ! Le scénario rebondit alors au petit bonheur la chance pour nous amener jusqu'à une durée syndicale et "normale" de mètrage... Quant à la fin , ce n'est plus du plagiat, c'est carrément de la copie conforme : les habitants possédés chargent des camions entiers de cosses pour contaminer la planète ! Entre hommage et copie carbonne, les scénaristes ont choisi !

Scénario mille fois vu, effets spéciaux ratés, Glutors n'est pas un bon cru de Full Moon surtout si l'on rajoute la mise en scène maladroite, l'interprétation anémique (sauf Bernard KATES dans la peau du vieil alcoolo qui cabotine...) et la musique commune. Un film qui n'a vraiment rien d'intéressant, et pourtant, étrangement, nous ne pouvons nous empêcher de suivre ces avenures jusqu'au bout, et si nous aussi, nous étions contaminés !"

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Hé mais c'est vachement sympa ce petit film.


J'adore le concept de Body Snatchers à la base mais là en plus y a des passages craignos monsters à la Critters, donc j'ai pris pas mal mon pied.


J'avais peur d'etre déçu compte tenu de sa reputation mais c'est bien carré comme il faut.

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