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Corrupt - Albert Pyun - 1999

Basculo Cui Cui

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ce film est extraordinaire !


je l'ai vu au festival d'Olmeto avec SWS en la presence de Pyun et Sillkk the Shocker, ohlallalala quel grand moment precieux et inoubliable !!!


faut que je retrouve mon dvd bordel !!!!



After decades of terror, two deadly street gangs reach a delicate truce and young MJ (Silkk the Shocker) sees a way out of the hood once and for all. Only Corrupt (Ice-T) stands in MJ's way. Will he make it? Will the truce last? Find out in Corrupt! Starring billboard chart topper and No Limit rap star Silkk the Shocker, Ice-T, Miss Jones, Ernie Hudson Jr., and Karen Dyer.


Explosive action and non-stop stunts with music by hip-hop and rap master Ice-T from his new Coroner Records release, 7th Deadly Sin.

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