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Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds (2008)


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Ca va etre le raz de maree !!!


$8,550,000 ce vendredi


soit $12,518 par salle.



683 salles $8,550,000



2,436 salles $4,925,000



2,976 salles $2,775,000



2,643 salles $2,300,000



2,764 salles $2,225,000



2,475 salles $2,150,000



2,915 salles $2,025,000



2,368 salles $1,675,000



3,007 salles $1,625,000



1,507 salles $1,400,000

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Heu, qui as transmuté le sujet dans le forum "cinema" ?


Steve, ca vaut le coup le dvd de Hannah Montana qu'on trouve un peu partout?


J'espère que ça répond à ta question



Le DVD est une compilation d'épisodes de la série Disney Channel, sorte de trip Clark Kent / Superman à la sauce Popstars agrémenté de rires en boite. Pas de quoi overdoser une Lindsay Lohan, mais Miley est une cutie, les chansons sont tip-top, et les concerts qui se sont montés depuis sont assez "grandioses", c'est pour que ça que le machin qui est sorti ce week-end en 3-D, putain ça doit être une sacrée expérience.

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Le film a en realite realise $31,117,834 ce weekend donc quand meme 2 millions de plus qu'estime.



Une review sur Hollywood Reporter, qui a tout compris


If there ever was a commercial film release that also qualified as an act of public service, it's this 3-D concert film from Disney. Although it should reap plenty of coin for its so-called limited engagement, the awkwardly titled "Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert" also comes as a godsend to those hordes of desperate parents unable to secure tickets for their heartsick tweens during the teen star's sellout tour last year.


For the benefit of those who have been living under a rock, "Hannah Montana" is a genuine cultural phenomenon. The titular character of this hit Disney Channel show is a bona fide pop recording star whose recent sold-out, 69-city concert tour famously resulted in tickets being resold for unimaginable prices. Hannah Montana is played by actress-singer-songwriter Miley Cyrus, who in bizarrely schizophrenic fashion also performs under her own persona.


Considering that it runs a scant 74 minutes -- which includes numerous backstage scenes -- the film clearly is not presenting the entirety of the live show. But it should offer enough to please most audiences, and director Bruce Hendricks has filmed the fast-paced musical action in sufficiently breathless fashion. As with the recent U2 concert film, the 3-D aspect -- you'll duck when the musicians throw guitar picks and drumsticks at the camera -- adds greatly to the experience.


The concert itself, conceived and produced by director-choreographer Kenny Ortega (the "High School Musical" telefilms), is a typically flashy affair featuring plenty of lavish visual, film and lighting effects and nonstop movement. Some of the film's more amusing background scenes show the young star's game attempts to handle such choreographic duties as manipulating her microphone stand with her foot and letting herself be hoisted in the air by several male backup dancers.

Besides the deafening concert footage featuring Cyrus performing as herself and her blond-wigged alter ego, the film also features a musical appearance by the Jonas Brothers, another youthful act catering to the same demographic. (It's more than a little disconcerting when one of them introduces a number by saying, "This is for all the ladies in the house.") [mortel ]


Cyrus' proud pop, singer-actor Billy Ray Cyrus, makes a few appearances as well, at one point reassuring his daughter about the quality of her band: "And that's coming from a guy who's played every Indian casino between the Atlantic and the Pacific," he says.


Montages of various crew members all wearing Hannah Montana wigs and a seemingly endless procession of screaming little girls add to the fun.


Rock on!




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Note to Hannah Montana: Seat belts are necessary not an accessory


Many parents would agree that 15-year-old superstar Hannah Montana, a.k.a. Miley Cyrus, is a good role model for kids. But a gaffe in her Disney blockbuster 3-D movie, "Hannah Montana/ Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour" might challenge that opinion.


Why? One scene in the movie shows Miley and her dad, country music star Billy Ray Cyrus, riding in the back seat of a Range Rover on the way to rehearsal for the concert tour. Neither was wearing a seat belt.


Why should we care? Because, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in about 55 percent of passenger vehicle fatalities in 2006 (the latest data available), the occupants were not wearing seat belts. Even worse, in the 13- to 15-year-old age group, that percentage climbs to 65 percent. Unfortunately, we’re not surprised by these grim statistics because a 2002 survey by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety showed that when parents were dropping teens off at school in the morning, nearly half the teens weren’t using seat belts.


It seems to us that Miley, her father, and Disney had a perfect opportunity to help influence teens and counteract—rather than encourage—this trend. Then again, as Hannah herself sings, "Everybody makes mistakes." Maybe Hannah, Billy and Disney, will take a tip from the rest of Hannah’s song and get it right next time around: "Nobody's Perfect! I gotta work it! Again and again 'til I get it right. Nobody's Perfect!"


source : consumer reports



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Le BluRay du film sera historique pour proposer la version 3D en plus de la version 2D.


Concerned you might not be able to experience the Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour properly in your home theater? Worry no more, the biggest 3D movie ever is making a HD first, when it hits Blu-ray August 19 it will include 2D and 3D viewing options. If 1080p 3D video isn't enough, the live concert flick also features uncompressed 7.1 PCM audio, a tour documentary and two bonus tracks. No word if it will come with requisite glasses or anything else necessary to get that extra D With a movie that did unprecedented numbers at the box office, this is sure to be one of the year's biggest releases and with never-before-seen options, might be a good reason to share the home theater with your favorite 'tween.
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As long as the general public can't get enough of all things Hannah Montana, neither can Disney. What originated as a hokily-conceived low-budget sitcom has become one of the company's biggest money-makers, raking in cash in a variety of platforms, including 2008's 3-D concert film. Following in the footsteps of High School Musical 3 and The Lizzie McGuire Movie, Hannah Montana: The Movie will be closer to the Disney Channel TV series, as it takes Miley Stewart (Miley Cyrus), her two close friends (Mitchel Musso, Emily Osment), father (Billy Ray Cyrus), and brother (Jason Earles) to Tennessee, where filming began in late May. Beyond that and casting calls for specific parts (like a teenaged male love interest and ethnically diverse adults), the plot remains unknown. Slated to appear in the film are "The Office"'s Melora Hardin as Robbie Ray's farmer love interest, Barry Bostwick, Peter Gunn, Vanessa Williams, Margo Martindale, Lucas Till, and teen country sensation Taylor Swift. The production caused Miley Cyrus to miss her 2008 prom. Oh well, the 15-year-old girl made $18.2 million last year. I think she'll be okay. A May 1, 2009 theatrical release is scheduled.



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