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Conspiracy - Adam Marcus - 2007

Basculo Cui Cui

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ayé, apres steven seagal, JCVD et wesley snipes, val kilmer se met aussi au dtv made in sony


Val Kilmer stars with Jennifer Esposito (Crash) and Gary Cole (Office Space) in this explosive, action-packed film about a former Marine who brings some justice to a small border town. After he's wounded during combat in Iraq, MacPherson (Kilmer) reluctantly agrees to join a fellow soldier at his Arizona ranch. But when MacPherson arrives, his friend has mysteriously disappeared and no one will admit to knowing him. When he discovers that a corporate entity is running illegal aliens out of town by any means possible, MacPherson becomes determined to find out the truth and he will not be stopped until all of those who were involved have been punished.



la jaquette

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