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Bomber X - Go Nagai


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'Tain, l'édition de malades :

Fabulous Films have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of Star Fleet: The Complete Series on 9th February 2009 priced at £39.99 RRP. This marionette epic first arrived on British television in October 1982 broadcast on Saturday mornings on LWT. Children had previously been brought up on Gerry Anderson’s Thunderbirds and Stingray, but Star Fleet was something else again. The Action and story line were more reminiscent of anime and unlike the Gerry Anderson Shows, those puppets were controlled from below by rods, like muppets, and so avoided difficulties with strings.


Synopsis: In 2999, just as the people of earth begin to enjoy peace following the end of space war 111, the imperial alliance under the imperial master launch a new assault. Facing the evil alliance, earth’s defending forces are ill-prepared for another war and pin their hopes on Dr Benn Robinson and his new X-Bomber programme. What is F-01 which the imperial alliance so eagerly purses?


The DVD release is a four-disc collector’s set that features all 24 fully restored episodes, many extras and inserted collectibles. Features include:


* All 24 Fully Restored Full Length Episodes

* Stills Gallery

* Behind The Scenes Stills Gallery

* Character Profiles

* Machine Profiles

* Brian Mays Star Fleet Project Promo Video

* Character Biographies

* Episode Synopses

* Collectables Gallery

* Animated Menus

* 56 Page Comic Book From The Star Fleet Series

* 16 Page Episode Guide Booklet

* 6 Postcards

* Double Sided Fold-Out Poster

* Brand New Making Of Documentary Featuring Original interviews with Creator Go Nagai, Director Louis Elman, Voice of Dr Benn- Peter Marinker, Composer Paul Bliss and The Master of Supermarionation Gerry Anderson


Comment c'est bonnard !!!

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