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A nymphoid barbarian in dinosaur hell - Brett Piper - 1991

Basculo Cui Cui

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un sublime troma !



In a post-Armageddon world, a young woman finds herself in a fight for survival against mutant cavemen, dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals.













Nymphoid Barbarian in Dinosaur Hell, January 1, 2003

Reviewer: Spencer Wendleton (Independence, MO United States) - See all my reviews


Troma is at it again. If you like clay dinosaurs and little dialouge, then step right up. This isn't for the easily disuaded moviegoer. Those who enjoy a few swordfights, puppet-like worms popping from the ground to feast on dogs and human flesh, a severed arm (this happens once),and lizard creatures that make annoying noises, then bring it on. I have to be a little honest, I love horror and it's the simple things that carry me through the hour and twenty minutes this movie has to give. This has one scene of boobage, flat and nothing to do with the plot, and some gore, but it's mostly the adventure that turned me on to buy this thing and keep it in my collection. If you're a true fan, then fork it over, but if you're indecisive and a virgin to the gore industry, then stay away!















Please stab me through my eyes., December 28, 1999

Reviewer: Jason Griffith (Seattle, WA) - See all my reviews

This is an awful, lying movie. First, let's look at the title. "Nymphoid" - No, there were NO NYMPHOIDS. Nothing nymphoidic happened at all. At the beginning the Nymphoid says: 'sometimes my juices get flowing and I get so hot'. Well, at no time did the juices get flowing. "Barbarian" - They wore EXTREMELY CLEAN, yet artfully ragged clothes. I guess that makes them barbarians. "Dinosaur Hell" - First of all, they weren't dinosaurs, they were 'mutated pets'. Secondly, in Dinosaur Hell, I'd expect there to be lots of scary dinosaurs. There were neither lots of dinosaurs, nor were they scary. Every now and again the lobotomized chimp that wrote this tripe would remember to throw in something lizardy that would roar a little. Woooo. The stop motion in this movie wasn't terrible, but that's the only thing that wasn't. The plot drug on and on, there was next to no gore or nudity... The only good thing was a trailer for another (more promising) Troma flick called something along the lines of "Murdering Nurses Find Passion." A TRAILER WAS THE ONLY GOOD THING! A **TRAILER**!














Clayriffic!, September 12, 2005

Reviewer: Katy Rogers (tejas) - See all my reviews


Brett Piper has always been ahead of his time! Using seran wrapped juice boxes, plado, and a pinch of pure unground genius, he has once again topped the charts with this juicy account of the primodial future. Deadly accuracy and heart stopping fight scenes left me hot and bothered all the while wanting more more MORE! Two claws up for this chunk of film worthy of any movie lusters attention.















DO NOT buy this thing!!, May 14, 2002

Reviewer: Toxic Boy (Wesley Chapel, FL United States) - See all my reviews

When I got this movie I was expecting another great Troma classic. I mean, how can you go wrong with a title like that. The main actress is ugly as sin and furthermore there is no nudity. This movie does not deserve the Troma logo on it! DO NOT buy this thing.














PLEASE!, September 6, 2001

Reviewer: "spankie821" (Chana, IL USA) - See all my reviews

People Act like they are shcoked that a TROMA, the creators of toxie, put out a movie that wasn't good enough for the oscars. When you sit down to watch the Toxic Avenger, Sgt. Kabukiman NYPD, or Class of Nukem High do you actually think you are going to be watching a good movie. It's the same thing when you sit down to watch Redneck Zombies, Troma's WAR, or Bugged. My advice to you is if you see a Troma logo, run as far away from it as possible. This movie rules, and I'm not just saying that because I'm good friends with Brett's partner Steven. I don't even know Brett!















The best Ever...I cannot sit by and let you miss this!, April 16, 2000

Reviewer: "blueblazer129" (Sumter, SC United States) - See all my reviews

1,000 word maximum? That's not fair. A million words could not express my undying gratitude to Brett Piper on creating this masterpiece. First, the title is somewhat misleading. Dinosaur Hell is not hell at all. It is heaven! The nympho barbarian overcomes many obstacles to finally find the item of his desire.....the mysterious "Baby Back"! After a dramatic twist near the end of the movie, the ending is much better than the ending of The Sixth Sense. I won't spoil it for you, but I will just say there are dinosaurs that are human size, and there is a nice pancake scene at the end of the movie between the barbarian, a anklyosaurus, and the fat guy from Jurassic Park! Thanks, and get this one quick!







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