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Punisher - Mark Goldblatt (1989)


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United States Theatrical Premiere!

35mm print! Director’s Cut!

Director Mark Goldblatt in Attendance!

ONE SCREENING ONLY! Saturday, October 18 at 7:30 p.m.


Nineteen years after its original release, ESCAPISM is proud to host the United States Theatrical Premiere of director Mark Goldblatt’s extraordinary vision of the Marvel Comic’s action hero! This is Goldblatt’s original cut of the film (as well as his own personal 35mm print), including all of the moments and shots that he was forced to trim for an MPAA "R" version in the U.S., due to so-called "excessive violence". How, you ask, can this be the US Premiere? Several months prior to the film’s scheduled theatrical release in 1989, the film’s US distributor (New World Pictures) went bankrupt and rather than being released to US theatres, the film went straight to video (although it did play in theatres around the rest of the world.) Shot in Sydney, Australia in 1989, The Punisher comes brilliantly to life in this searing action-adventure thriller starring Dolph Lundgren as the infamous Frank Castle. (Forget the puny 2004 version! 91 people are killed individually on screen in this movie, not including those who die en masse in explosions, etc. Now, that’s action!) Lashing out from a labyrinth of subterranean sewers, The Punisher leads a heavily armed raid into the world of brutal crime and savage retribution. A world where only one thing is certain…the guilty will be punished.







la parodie des nuls, le pleurnicheur, avec la participation de dolph:


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Vu en BR sur le BR UK.


Je l'avais vu gamin, loué au video club, mais y a bien 20 ans minimum, donc aucun souvenir à vrai dire...


Et ça va, ça colle à ce que je m'attendais à voir. Une petite série B sympa, très 80's, parfois un peu fauchée, relativement prévisible à tous points de vue, mais qui fait le boulot. C'est carré, efficace, ça va à l'essentiel (85mn chrono). Dolph est correct en Punisher, pour le reste, c'est de l'actioner lambda, des méchants mafieux, des méchants asiatiques, tout le monde se tire dessus, se plante et se castagne. 1h30 après, c'est réglé, emballé c'est pesé. Rien d'inoubliable, mais agréable vide cerveau d'un weekend pluvieux !


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