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Dungeon siege - Uwe boll (2006)


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Jason Statham and Leelee Sobieski are set to headline the cast of director Uwe Boll's $60 million adaptation of the sword-and-sorcery video game "Dungeon Siege," which begins filming Sunday in Vancouver, British Columbia.


Also starring are Ron Perlman ("Hellboy") as Norick, Farmer's friend; Matthew Lillard ("Scooby-Doo") as Duke Fallow; Burt Reynolds ("The Longest Yard") as King Konreid; and Kristanna Loken ("BloodRayne") as Elora, an enchanted tree-like creature whose support proves critical to Farmer.


Boll said "Dungeon Siege" will transcend the video game genre and appeal to mainstream audiences. He added that the film's blend of action and fantasy should appeal to fans of "The Lord of the Rings." A three-hour running time is envisioned.


"This is a very dark, epic picture in the tradition of the Sergio Leone Westerns that blends the imaginative action of 'Hero' and 'House of Flying Daggers,' " Boll said. "Dungeon Siege" will have the fantasy and magic of "The Lord of the Rings," he said, but without the CGI focus.


Boll said the film takes elements from the game "Dungeon Siege II" and the setup from the original game and adds another dimension to the story. "Gas Powered Games is so excited about the film script that they want to do an expansion pack or full game based on the film," Boll said.



Boll said he expects the feature "BloodRayne," which filmed in Romania last year, to be distributed in January. "Dungeon Siege" will be ready for release as early as late summer 2006, but Boll said the release depends on a distribution deal. He also is developing movies based on video games "Far Cry," "Hunter: The Reckoning" and "Fear Effect."


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"Dungeon Siege" will transcend the video game genre and appeal to mainstream audiences












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Bon aidons ce pauvre Uwe à trouver des prénoms pour ses enfants, parce que occupé comme il est...


je propose


- Stu (au cas ou il aurait un cheval blanc d'une nuit d'amour avec une jument)

- George-Habit

- Parah

- Tapad et son jumeau Tadu

- Megalo

- Super (en plus a mon avis c'est un mot que Uwe doit adorer... "Une île ?? On pourras jouer au foot ? Ouais super !")

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