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Que s'ouvrent les portes du forum!


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Benjamin, 27 ans de Lyon, retraité de la marine marchande. Enchanté.

J'essaie de comprendre comment accéder au forum depuis environ 2 mois, à raison de 7 à 8 minutes de réflexion intensive par jour. Et aujourd'hui, vitcoire!! (on m'avais expliqué pourtant...)


Sinon, j'aime le fromage, tout particulièrement le Saint Nectaire qui est, je crois que vous me l'accorderez, le roi des fromages.


Au plaisir.



EDIT: ah ouais au fait, j'ai bon, c'est bien là qu'il fallait que je poste pour m'auto activer?

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Merci de cet accueil, chaleureux et viril, pratique que je pensais être l'apanage des peuples d'Europe du Nord.


Sinon, Lyon, c'est plein de gens qui ne sautent pas, parce qu'ils ne sont pas lyonnais. Mais tu le sais déja.


Allez, je m'en vais follâtrer dans les vertes contrées du forum!

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We posted that fan-made Draenei Barbie last week, and a few commenters sent us a note about this figure, custom made by Abotu over on Emerald Dream. The Barbie was just something funny that a few fans did while bored, but this Troll Rogue is the real thing -- custom leather armor fitted onto what used to be a Tomb Raider figure, heavily modified with Sculpey, wood (for the daggers) and even boot laces (for the braids). It's really, really impressive, not only in the way it looks, but in what it took to make: the whole thing took about two months' worth of work (Abotu guesses it might cost over $1000 to make selling these worth it), and many parts of it are completely fabricated. The head is sculpted from scratch, and the hands and feet are from an X-men Nightcrawler figure, but even those have been shaped to look completely different from what they used to be.


Quite a piece of work. We've put all of the image in an easily browseable gallery below, to save you from the trouble of cutting and pasting Photobucket links. Our own 15 Minutes of Fame column has also scheduled an interview with Abotu, so stay tuned for more information on how this all came together (and how you too might be able to immortalize your character like this). And as always, if you've heard of some amazing fan art like this, feel free to send it along on our tipline -- we always love seeing what World of Warcraft fans are putting their crafting skill points into.

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